What is ToS Teams?

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What is ToS Teams?

Post by Owls on Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:07 pm

Town of Salem Teams (ToS Teams) is a fan-created forum dedicated to bringing users together for a different type of game play.

We all end up playing rounds where someone is not taking the game seriously enough or someone is taking the game too seriously. We've all been part of a game where a theme has taken place and you're the first one to die because you don't believe in themes (specifically for that reason).
We've also all played the game with that ONE person who dies and takes their entire team down with them.
Unfortunately, until Ranked is fixed, we're all stuck playing games with people we just have no desire to play with.

Here at ToS Teams, we're trying to change that.

  • YOU pick the friends you want to add based on what type of game you'd like to play.
  • YOU decide whether you're going to play a serious game or a silly game.
  • Post your idea for a custom game, see how many people would like to play.

There's endless possibilities with the things you can accomplish as part of ToS Teams.
We're going to revolutionize the way you play Town of Salem and make sure you only get the best of the best experiences!

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